One Yoga Teachers

  1. Jen Craig-Evans

    I teach yoga because I love how I feel when I practice. I have always been fascinated with the effects that physical postures and breathing have on the body and mind and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others. Teaching yoga allows me to help others build their practice or begin a new journey of their own. I believe that doing this as a community in a studio environment provides support for personal and collective growth.

    For me, practicing yoga has been transformational. It has sparked a renewed commitment to engage empathetically and personally with other like-minded individuals.
    In all of the classes that I teach, my primary goal is to create a safe space for my students to feel at home and comfortable with themselves.

    My students can expect to explore the connection between body and breath while turning their attention inwards toward bodily sensations and internal experiences.

    Most of all, you can expect a teacher who is adaptable, caring and compassionate. A teacher who will strive to make each class accessible to everyone. Join me while we move to some sweet music and the collective rhythm of our breath.

  2. Kailie Woods

    Kailie graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree from Camosun College in 2005, where she discovered her passion for holistic healing and health care. Venturing further she enrolled at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, receiving her diploma in Acupuncture in the spring of 2008. Kailie is licensed and Registered with the CTCMA to provide acupuncture, tui na, moxibustion, cupping, herbal patents and more. She takes pride in catering her treatments to client’s individual needs, working one on one to provide choices and plans aimed at achieving overall optimal health and happiness.

    Kailie is also a 500+ level trained and certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor, trained in a variety of different styles including: Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin/Yang, Pre and Post Natal and Mat Pilates. Combining both ancient modalities and a her diverse mind/body trainings has given her great awareness and diverse knowledge of the human body and created a uniqueness which is blended into her classroom. Kailie has a playful, humble & challenging teaching approach, she loves to learn and explore alongside of her students".

  3. Kaitlin Armstrong

    Kaitlin Armstrong is a passionate advocate for finding balance in her life through listening to the wisdom of her body. As an Exercise Physiologist and anatomy geek, she is fascinated by the physical imprints that arise from the mind and the body's infinite power hidden under the layers of old stories. As a yoga teacher, she encourages her students to cultivate an intimate relationship with their unique physical landscape to better understand the mental and emotional fabrics of their life experiences and how to reengineer a version of mind-body that supports lifelong playful movement and joyful living

  4. Kate Landreth

    Yoga has inspired me to show up fully both on and off my mat. My practice is continually evolving and changing, however one element that remains consistent is its ability to anchor me to the present moment. Yoga has become interconnected in all parts of my life, grounding and connecting me to what is truly important.

    I love the practice of Vinyasa yoga due to its dynamic flow and the opportunity to rinse and cleanse your body, mind and spirit during each practice. I encourage students to show up big on their mat, regardless of their ability or experience. When you come to a class with me you will be met wherever you are in your practice and inspired to move through a flowing yoga sequence that is playful, yet challenging.

  5. Katie Thacker

    Yoga inspires me to continually improve myself. It guides me to find appreciation for every single person/moment/interaction/breath. Yoga gives me the space to express myself and helps me find clarity in my thoughts and actions. It allows me to feel and see the connection that we have to each other and all living things on this earth. I share with an open heart, nothing held back. I want to encourage my students to feel stronger in their own bodies on mental, emotional and physical levels.

    Through my vinyasa yoga teachings I strive to provide a balance of breath, fluid movement and alignment. I teach a strong style of vinyasa filled with creative sequencing, and unique transitions. As a yin teacher I focus on providing a place for stillness, letting go and self love.

    Follow on Instagram: @katiethackeryoga

  6. Em Schnurr

    Emily teaches with strength, passion, and fire. She inspires the practitioners in her classes to dig deep using breath to find the balance between exploring new edges, having no expectations, and staying present. Her intention behind every class is that people show up and do the work on the mat so that they can live a more authentic life off the mat.

    Emily sees herself as a student first, and finds her own courage and strength by the challenges and teachings from her personal practice.

  7. Natalie Wright

    I began my yoga journey through dance at a young age. After finishing that chapter of life, I floundered for many years in trying to find something that made me feel the same way. Yoga, although I did not become serious with it right away, was that thing. After a couple years of playing and exploring I decided to jump in and took the Moksha Yoga teacher training. Absolute love. It became apparent that my life was heading a new direction and I embraced it. After becoming more confident in my teaching, I was blessed to be able to take prenatal training while pregnant with my son and then the One Yoga training a year and a half later. After experiencing Ryan Leier, his philosophy, and the One Yoga community, I found a practice and space that embodied the path I am on and a teacher I could continuously learn from.

    I am so very excited to be bringing One Yoga to the community here. I try to infuse each class with breath, joy, a sense of presence, and hopefully the ability to surprise yourself. As a student foremost, I bow to all my teachers, and work to always have a beginners mind by learning both on and off the mat.

  8. Maria Filippone

    Maria Filippone’s multi-disciplinary training and teaching spans twenty years and has taken her around the globe, shaping her gifts into a synergistic blend of Vinyasa yoga, Pilates, Thai massage, and Sanskrit chant. Her classes have been described as a journey where time slows down, where music and breath carry the mind and body into an experience of deep alignment. Maria’s appreciation and love for her teachers, students, and her beautiful daughters, expands her heart and grounds her as a teacher.

  9. Marlene Weller

    I have a strong and devoted daily Ashtanga Vinyasa practice and background. I have completed my 200hr Certified Yoga Alliance training with highly regarded teacher trainers, Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini of Maya Yoga, HI and 200hr Certified Yoga Alliance training with Pam Rader of Shift Power Yoga in Kelowna, BC. I have done many hours of workshops with a variety of teachers such as Mary & Richard Freeman, David Robson, Ryan C. Leier, Chuck Miller, Dustin Fruson, Desiree Rumbaugh and John & Debbie McDougall.

    Yoga found me 13 years ago. It makes sense to everything I feel in my body; in my mind and heart! I believe my integral approach to optimal alignment and safety keeps my style of teaching appropriate for all levels. My intention is to educate students! To show them that yoga is for every body and anyone that wants to know themselves. Optimal alignment for optimal health! My students have shared with me that my teachings are sincere, kind, compassionate, and encouraging. "For me, teaching yoga is about connection and community. "

  10. Sarah Caspick

    Sarah was recently inspired to leave her career in a fast-paced industry to pursue her love for all things health and wellness. She completed her formal Vinyasa training with Ryan Leier of One Yoga, and is back in school working towards a new profession as a Yoga Therapist. Having practiced yoga for many years, she is no stranger to its innumerable physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. In fact, when life took a surprise turn and led her down an unexpected path, it was through her connection to yoga that she was able to find healing, strength, and regain the lost pieces of herself. Since that time, she has committed herself to a path of love, authenticity, and fearlessness in all aspects of her life. She firmly attributes the wonderful life she has today to her experience with the practice of yoga, and is delighted to share her teachings in hopes that it might inspire others to flow through life with hope and courage. 

  11. Tana Cole

    Yoga has been my ally and grounding force for the past 11 years. When I stepped off my mat at the end of my first class I knew I had found a true love. Yoga has seen me through the birth of both of my daughters, and has helped me to stay more grounded and present through my journey as a mother. My girls were the inspiration for pursuing my 200 hour flow teacher training, knowing that I wanted to weave the threads of practice into the fabric of their lives. I am thrilled to be part of the One Yoga mentorship program, feeling blessed to be able to both learn and teach the practice that I love.

  12. Tara Heal

    Tara Heal has recently landed in beautiful Victoria straight from NYC and couldn't be happier! To date, she has amassed over 800 hours of teacher training and will certainly be a student for life. Formal training began in 2008 with Rod Stryker's Para Yoga Vinyasa Certification (Mary Bruce and Johnna Smith), and has continued with workshops and immersions with The Iyengar Institute, Laughing Lotus NYC, Kula Yoga NYC, and Sivananda. Tara also earned her Modo Yoga Hatha certification in Montreal under Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson and Dina Tshouluhas, and was sponsored to complete Modo's Vinyasa Flow Training module as a senior teacher and mentor for Modo Yoga NYC and Brooklyn.
    Tara has guided practice for groups from all walks of life, from NHL teams and Olympic Athletes, to office groups and teen workshops. Her classes are powerful, soulful, and dynamic, incorporating innovative and intelligent sequencing. She aims to encourage body awareness, agility, and strength, while illuminating the peace and power that comes from mindfulness. Outside of the yoga studio, her work as a performer has taken her to stages all over the globe, and she feels endlessly grateful to be living her dreams and expressing herself through music and movement. Tara is ecstatic to share the practice that has brought so much courage, joy, and freedom into her own life, and intends to bring light and authenticity to all she does!
    Instagram: @tarahealybird

  13. Tracey Noseworthy

    Tracey's infectious smile warmly welcomes students of all ages and levels to embody a flow that rides on the currents of breath.

    She is known for her positive energy and sense of humour which adds to her philosophy that yoga is full of joy and playfulness. Tracey is continually inspired by music, and believes that the body responds to rhythms held within the environment. This has further led her to teach with a foundation that the internal and external rhythms are linked ~ in fact inseparable. She encourages her students to move within that rhythm and open themselves up to 'feeding their soul' on all levels.

    She leads classes and workshops motivating her students to listen to their breath, honour the teacher that lies within, and sink deeply into the journey of yoga and how this is reflected within the practice of life.

    Graduating from McMaster University, with a Physical Education Degree, she has continued to further her career in many areas of fitness, always growing with the evolution of the industry. She became a certified yoga instructor under the inspiration of Shiva Rea, and now lives her Yoga on and off the mat.


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