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Yin Yang Weekend with Kaitlin Armstrong

Join Kinesiologist Kaitlin Armstrong for this exploration of the basics in neuromyofascial networks and how their interconnection is the foundation of a healthy yoga practice.

Yang Part 1 (Saturday March 17th 1-3pm): Lets investigate how FUNCtional movement of the fascial lines and the elements of biomechanical development can better empower our bodies fullest potential meanwhile heal injuries and correct imbalances. Through experiential exercises and tools, you will learn the power of your postural habits as a reflection of your thoughts and belief systems and in turn encourage more freedom in self expression.

Yin Part 2 (Sunday March 18th 1:30-4:30pm): Myofascial Release with ball rolling and illiopsoas-diaphragm complex restoration with gentle core awareness techniques that will melt all the tension or fuzz and will leave you feeling blissed. This session is all about exploring the way trauma, pain and stress are held in the body, and how you can best work with the messenger of the midline to support your nervous system set point back to flow and ease. We will clue into the signals of the body to help us know how, why and where to best support our body's back to a state of balance.

$30 each or $50 for both workshops.

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    $30 each
    or $50 for both
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