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Weekend with Clara Roberts-Oss

Join Clara in September for two great workshop offerings.

Lila! Cosmic Play: Saturday September 23rd | 12:45-3:15

Join Clara Roberts-Oss for a session of Lila/Cosmic Play. This signature class includes mantra, pranayama, meditation as well as a heating vinyasa practice. These informative workshop will address a group of poses that require more explanation or time to investigate. The class will address alignment of more challenging poses, and how these poses manifest in our bodies. Class will begin with a vinyasa flow to warm the body, then move to the workshop aspect of the class. Questions and active participation are encouraged!

Phoenix Rising: Sunday September 24th | 1:30-3:30 pm
The phoenix symbolizes the potential that arises from the dissolution of who we think we are into the power of we truly are. Inversions have been that for so many. Let go of your story you have created for yourself and open to your eyes to your deep potential.
Spread your wings and fly! Learn to connect deeper with your hands, core and courage so that you may soar with more confidence.
Come ready to rise for today is a new day! Intermediate students please.


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    $30 each or $50 for both