Roll to the Rhythm: Myofascial Release with Live Guitar

Roll to the Rhythm: Myofascial Release with Live Guitar

May 27th from 1:30-3:30pm

$30 per person

Join Kinesiologist Kaitlin Armstrong alongside her musician husband Ben Armstrong for this afternoon of deep tissue self-care in the melodic embrace of live acoustic guitar. We will explore the soft-tissue scaffolding using Therapy ball massage techniques in combination with the calming elements of yoga to unlock restrictions, release tension and improve your ability to sense your body's needs for continued healing. You will receive an epsom salt bath soak to take home and use after the session for a the complete soothing Sunday so you feel energized to enter your work week.Join Suzanne for a mythical, dynamic and intentional flow into the threshold of clarity. Suzanne will guide students through a series of hip opening, arm balances and backbends in order to open and purify the physical and energetic systems. She will also provide specific pathways to encourage students to contain and direct their energy in order to light an inner flame that provides a deep clarity. Mythical stories, pranayama and mantra will be included.



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