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Rocket & Yin Yoga with Chris Duggan

Blast off then get grounded! Do both or just one!

Chris "Risto" Duggan will be guiding you through the Rocket series. It is an ashtanga based practice that has some arm balances and inversions added to a set series created by Larry Shultz. Risto will be breaking down the arm balances and inversions as they come up in the series. Expect a really fun and firey practice that is "all levels"!!
Risto will then guide you through his favourite yin poses that have helped him heal a lot of previous damage. Expect some deep shoulder and hip work, long holds, meditative focus, and to leave feeling blissed out.


Workshop details:

April 9, 2017
Rocket: 1:30 - 3:30 pm
Yin: 4:00 - 6:00 pm
$30 each/$50 for both

You can register online or in the studio.


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    $30 each/$50 for both
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