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November Retreat with Ryan Leier

Ryan shares his extensive knowledge of the Vinyasa tradition to bring you to new levels of focus and freedom, peace and power. The lecture is followed by all-levels Vinyasa Yoga class, with focus on the foundations of intention, breath, drishti, bandhas and alignment.

November 24, 7 - 9 pm: Practice Practice Practice! (Beginner, All Levels – Lecture + Asana)

Build your yoga practice into your busy life.  Get the keys to developing a daily, steady, devoted yoga practice. Learn what to infuse in your life and what to watch out for.  Ryan will share what he believes is a “Yoga” practice.  Topics include yogic lifestyle in the modern world and the practices on the mat to become whole.  The 5 main poses to practice daily will be broken down to help you clarify and solidify your practice. One day we will realize it is no longer practice, but only the Real thing.

November 25, 2 - 4:30 pm: Vinyasa Yoga (All Levels - Asana, Pranayama + Meditation)

Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of physical and spiritual development, the art and science of combining the elements of Yoga in a sequence that makes an effective and safe practice. Using the body, breath and mind in a slow and deliberate manner, an integrated, unified state of harmony and attention is achieved. In this class, Ryan Leier will introduce the more traditional yoga teachings of the father of modern Yoga Sri T. Krishnamacharya with a focus on introducing potent asanas with breath, bandhas, and pranayama. The Yamas, Niyamas as passed on from Patanjali will be explored.

November 26, 9 - 11 am: One Yoga (All levels – Asana)

“Practice courage. Grow roots. Get high. Truth is. We are One.”

This is what Oneness is all about! Connect to your mind, body, the earth, and to each other with this powerful vinyasa class that is accessible to all levels.  Expect to go deep into your practice, be inspired to move beyond your self-defeating, self-limiting tendencies break through in your body and mind, and to have lots of fun while doing it!



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    $50 drop in/$120 full weekend