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Clara Roberts-Oss Weekend


Join international teacher Clara Roberts-Oss for a weekend of practice. Attend one or both workshops!
March 3rd 1:00-3:00pm: The Muse of Creation 
Sarasawati, the muse of creation, is the goddess of music, the arts, speech, education and science. We call to her when we want inspiration to create and manifest ideas/projects/art/learning. She is also related to the element of water. Join Clara for a creative vinyasa practice that will leave you feeling inspired!

March 4th 1:30-3:30pm: Durga's Tiger 

Durga, the warrior, goddess of strength, vision, adaptability and equanimity. She is the aspect of ourselves we call upon when we need to get it done. Join Clara in a fiery vinyasa practice geared towards connecting to our own strength and cultivating a strong drishti (vision/gaze).

$30 each or $50 for both workshops. 

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    $30 each or $50 for both