Peak Poses: Deconstructed with Jen Craig-Evans

Peak Poses: Deconstructed with Jen Craig-Evans

This 4-week workshop series with Jen Craig-Evans will give you an opportunity to gain a full understanding of what is required in your body to practice some of the most common peak poses that are offered in a Vinyasa practice. You will participate in a workshop-style class aimed at deconstructing a different peak pose each week. There will be a focus on intelligent sequencing along with a demonstration in order to prepare the body fully to practice the chosen posture safely and with integrity.

Jen will guide you through an educational experience where questions are encouraged and the learning environment is intimate to allow for lots of one on one assistance. Class size will be limited to 6.

- no injuries to the back, neck or shoulders
- ability to weight bear on your hands (ie. plank and downward dog) for at least 30 seconds
- comfortable with the practice of bridge pose, dolphin and side plank

The topics for the 4 weeks, respectively, will be:
Week 1 - Urdhva Dhanurasana (aka Wheel Pose)
Week 2 - Shoulder Stand
Week 3 - Wild Thing
Week 4 - Headstand


Workshop details:

Date: Tuesday, April 3 until April 24th
Time: 5:15 - 6:30 pm
Cost: $89 + GST

You can register online or in the studio.


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    $89 + GST
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