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One Yoga

As part of the One Yoga family, we will work with and hopefully add to what is already an amazing group of studios. Started by Ryan Leier, One Yoga focuses on vinyasa (flow) yoga and believes that through steady practice all people - regardless of age, gender, race, or religion - can experience the oneness that is yoga. At One Yoga Victoria, we will continue to work under that mandate and carry forward the idea that anyone, anywhere can practice yoga. Please come, take a class, and flow with us.  

Our practice space is nice and warm, ususally sitting at 30°C. Come wearing clothing you feel comfortable practicing and maybe working up a sweat in.


For pictures of our space and facilities, please visit our facebook page at Our Studio.


Thank you for checking us out and we hope to meet you soon. One love. 

Natalie & Graeme

Today's Classes - Apr 18th

  1. Vinyasa II
    9:00 AM
  2. Foundations
    11:00 AM
  3. All Levels
    3:30 PM
  4. All Levels
    5:00 PM
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One Yoga News & Events

  1. Fluid Movement Vinyasa Practice with Clara Roberts-Oss
    June 12
  2. Vinyasa Yoga for Youth Training
    June 26
  3. Tina James' Weekend Workshop Series
    August 21
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